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Milla Monroe Bio

Name : Milla Monroe
Ska : M.R.
Fob : Unknown
Height : 166CM
Weight: 109KG
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Hazel
Ethnicity: White

Official site : Milla Monroe Gallery
Biography : One of the cutest brunette BBW’s on the scene, she does have a lot of fans all around the world, but sadly her official website is offline, many of their fans hope for Milla to come back; there is a lot of fansites about her such as, luckily she left a lot of solo videos behind (her specialty) and judging by the number of fansites we can assume that even though she didn’t stay for long, she left a legacy. We truly need hot Brunette BBW’s like this cute one, Milla Monroe. Chat live with milla on
Rank : 0
View : 31981
Sexual Orientation : Bi-Sexual
City : Montreal
State : Quebec


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